About Us


Bowmont Wholesale Meats Limited

Bowmont Wholesale Meats is a family business situated at 122 Otepuni Avenue in Invercargill and was started by Jack Flynn in his van at Tisbury in the early 1930’s. John and Judith Flynn and 2 of their sons are now the hub of this strong family business.

Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd new processing facilities were built after their original plant was destroyed by a fire on Friday 6th December 2004. That weekend the Bowmont staff, along with their partners and families voluntarily came and started the clean up. Thirty electricians were put to work, a quarter of a million dollars worth of meat was thrown out, but by the following Monday they had a small area of the plant functioning and not one order was missed.

As a family business, their customers know that if anything needs doing, they can be sure there will always be someone ready to do it.

What We Do

Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd offers a full range of all meat products processed at its plant, and the company processes all its own small goods, hams, bacon and cooked meats. Hereford Prime is the main beef processed on plant, ensuring a consistent standard of high quality products. Lamb and pigs are also of a similar high standard. The company prides itself on supplying the best value in meat while offering top quality service.They supply restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and rest homes around Southland, Otago and Canterbury, and as far as away Auckland.


In the early 1990’s John Flynn got together with the late Don Goodall, a Hereford breeder, Graham Hawks from Flannagans Restaurant in Invercargill and Laurie Paterson who was then the President of the Hereford Association. Together they set about creating a brand labeled Hereford Prime product. The supply of Hereford cattle is contracted out to PGG Wrightson whose contract ensures supply all year round and can deliver on other quality issues such as PH and carcass configuration.

At the factory retail shop customers can purchase meat in whatever quantities they require, and can see exactly what they are purchasing. John remembers the days when customers used to come into the original butcher shop because they did not’t like their meat wrapped – they came with two dinner plates to put their meat purchases on. Shopping has come a long way since then, however, as was the case in the early days, the customer requirements are always paramount. Today the customers prefer to buy the great value $6.00 Meat Trays. These are made up daily and are excellent value.

The shop is open weekdays from 8.00am to 5.00pm, and on Saturday from 9.00am to Noon.

Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd has a staff of 30. The business is MAF accredited and has the ‘Q Mark’ from the Beef & Lamb Marketing Board.

John & Judith are slowly winding down their involvement in the business, but will still be keeping an active interest in it. With over 80 years’ experience between them in the meat trade they still have a lot of knowledge to share with their family.