Bowmont Meats Ltd

We are a butchery located in Invercargill, New Zealand. We are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality product, skilled and courteous services to a standard that will earn us distinction of being Southland and Otago’s leading supplier of meat products to the hospitality and catering industry.

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Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd prides itself on providing the highest quality of products and services to it’s many customers. These vary from large companies to small individual businesses.

We specialize in the processing of Hereford Prime Beef as well as our range of specialty hams and small goods all of which are produced by ourselves on the premises. We welcome any enquires, big, small or for something a little different and will endeavor to help wherever possible.

Hereford Prime

Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd are one of the major suppliers of Hereford Prime meat products in the south of New Zealand. Guaranteeing consistently tender beef through chiller assessment and quality assurance procedures. Before being branded, Hereford Prime carcasses are assessed and meet strict quality specifications. Assessment takes place 24 hours after slaughter by trained assessors who must be approved by Hereford Prime NZ Ltd.

Bowmont Wholesale Meats Ltd age their beef for two weeks on the bone then age it a further two weeks before it being sold to their customers in the chiller.

Why serve Hereford Prime Beef?

  • Mouth wateringly tender and flavoursome beef
  • Guaranteed consistency of quality
  • 100% naturally grass fed
  • Locally grown prime cuts supplied
  • GE free/Hormone free
  • Perfectly aged for heightened flavour, tenderness and the ultimate dining experience
  • Minimum aging 21 days
  • Minimal shrinkage/moisture loss
  • Vacuum packed for taste and longevity
  • Strict pH levels, fat colour, meat colour tested to ensure tenderness and secure the Hereford Prime brand
  • Award winning – the only branded beef to appear in the finals of Steak of Origin every single year